Spotlight on a Scholar: Tomas Fuentes Benitez on the Schwarzman Scholars experience

With the year now underway, we are excited to share insights from the Scholars in their own words.

Tomas Fuentes Benitez is member of the Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2017 concentrating on Economics and Business. He is a lawyer immersed in international trade and a Partner at Fuentes Benitez & Spinelli. He serves as an External Advisor to the Board of one of Argentina’s most important ports and is Co-Founder of the Chamber of Professionals of the Port. Tomas studied at San Andres University, was selected for an exchange program at New York University, and was elected President of Student Government. Passionate about Chinese language, culture, politics and economics, he was awarded a scholarship by the Chinese Government to study Chinese in northern China. His ambition is to leverage his Schwarzman Scholars experience to promote impactful connections between China and Latin America. Tomas is 26 years old and from Argentina.

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