Student Life

Experience China

Scholars from around the world live together and engage in unparalleled learning opportunities during their immersive year at the College. They develop connections with leaders from China and around the world in high-level lectures and our mentorship program, and they participate in internships and projects with local businesses and organizations. In addition to building professional networks, students develop bonds and gain a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary China while exploring Beijing and beyond on site visits and excursions.

Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University

Schwarzman Scholars will enroll at Tsinghua University, one of China’s premier institutions, known for its academic excellence and international partnerships. Located in Beijing, Tsinghua will allow students to experience life in the capital of the world’s rising economic power.

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Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, the 200,000 square foot campus houses one of the most advanced higher-education facilities in the world and is one of the first LEED Gold-certified academic building in China.

Professional Development

Lifelong learning means Scholars stay connected to a powerful network of ongoing support. The distinguished education and connections provided by Schwarzman Scholars will serve as the cornerstone for future collaboration, discovery and success. Career Development encompasses a broad array of post-program goals – from pursuing a job search across myriad industries and geographies to applying to graduate school and developing professional skills to further strengthen long-term career aspirations. Support is available via individual coaching, programs and events, site visits, and resource materials and databases.

Exploring China

Some of the courses at Schwarzman College include afternoon or day-long field trips to businesses, NGOs, or government offices related to the class. Additionally, the Student Life team organizes regular trips to cultural sites in and around Beijing, including off the-beaten-path locations and major sites such as the Summer Palace and Lama Temple. Students are also able to take advantage of long weekends and holidays to travel throughout China.

Student-Led Initiatives

Students develop and lead initiatives within the College, on the Tsinghua campus, and beyond, from clubs and sports teams to symposia and conferences, volunteer opportunities, podcasts and blogs, and collaborative projects that often continue after the program. These initiatives showcase and benefit from the diversity of national and cultural backgrounds as well as the range of academic fields and professional experiences that students bring to their cohort.


Each year students create and continue clubs and groups based on their academic, personal, and professional interests. They also join some of the many Tsinghua clubs on campus. Students have created bands and choirs within the College, joined the Tsinghua orchestra and theatre groups, and completed service work with organizations in Beijing.


Students create and run many initiatives that foster peer-to-peer learning, including conferences and symposia, master classes, opportunities to discuss and ask questions about current events, and celebrations of holiday traditions from around the world.

Recreation and Athletics

Students make full use of the gym facilities and fitness class at the College as well as the pool and outdoor facilities on campus. They compete in various intramural sports competitions at Tsinghua, and organize hiking, camping, and cycling trips to explore Beijing and China.