A leadership network for life.

The Alumni Advantage

You are a Schwarzman Scholar for life.
A year together in Beijing is just the beginning.
We are committed to building and sustaining our Alumni community through opportunities for continuing education, cultural activities and social engagement. We invest in original programming, collaborate with prominent partners and keep connections strong through a Schwarzman Scholars Alumni platform.

Exclusive Alumni Opportunities


Intellectual Engagement

Schwarzman Scholars Alumni continue to address the world’s most pressing issues. Through seminars, workshops and events designed to provide real-time insight and analysis, Alumni maintain their intellectual connections to and about China, Global Affairs and Leadership as they convene to discuss and debate important issues.


Career Development

Career goals change. New skills become necessary. The Schwarzman Scholars Career Development team continues to offer resources to Alumni including coaching, access to a global jobs database and ongoing skills training. We celebrate the diversity of professional expertise and interests in the Alumni community and anticipate their contributions to whatever fields they choose.


Community Impact

By leveraging the Schwarzman Scholars Network, our Scholars come together to solve critical global challenges. Whether it's taking on the world's most pressing issues, convening with other global leaders, or engaging in local volunteer work⁠—giving back to communities and seeing the impact of one’s contribution fosters an ethos of empathy, a vital quality in ethical leaders.

Partners and Programs

As our Alumni Community grows in size and reach, Schwarzman Scholars continues to design intellectual, cultural and social programming. We work with notable partners, including Rhodes House, National Committee on U.S. – China Relations and Tsinghua University Alumni network, leveraging their expertise for seminars, discussions and events.

With Alumni Hubs in more than ten global capitals around the world, our Alumni forge bonds beyond their class year and profession – through shared interests and perspectives.

The Schwarzman Scholars community means that you have this giant worldwide family…so wherever you’re going, whichever industry you plan to improve — you have friends who can help you do that.

Hima Tammineedi
United States, Class of 2019-2020

Alumni Stories

Nuanced thinkers. Creative problem solvers. Global citizens. Our alumni are building their future with a distinctive perspective that the Schwarzman Scholars experience provides. Hear from Scholars about the life-changing impact of our one-of-a-kind master’s program.

Now removed from my days in Beijing, I am struck by how often I think back to my experiences in China to make sense of world events, and in my day-to-day work with globally connected business.

Bob Wu
Australia, Class of 2017-2018