Creating global leadership for the 21st century.

Opportunity in China

China's interactions with businesses around the world are growing. Schwarzman Scholars are future leaders: together they will create a more peaceful and prosperous future for all.

Schwarzman Scholars isn’t just about what you learn – it’s about becoming a leader and forming global relationships that can be activated over a lifetime.

Stephen A. Schwarzman
Founding Trustee of Schwarzman Scholars

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Creating a Global Network of Talent

Over the next 50 years, we will create a cohort of more than 10,000 Schwarzman Scholars and, with that, a network of relationships that will be activated over a lifetime.

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Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University

Designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, Schwarzman College evokes historic Chinese characteristics as well as the residential colleges at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale.
The College sits within Tsinghua University, one of China’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning.






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Situated on the former site of the Qing Dynasty imperial gardens and near numerous historical sites, the campus of Tsinghua University boasts a great location, rich history, and vibrant future. Since 1911, the university has developed students’ understanding of globalization and served as a bridge between China and the world. As one of China’s most influential and respected institutions, Tsinghua continues its legacy of cultivating the next generation of world leaders.

Tsinghua University is the alma mater of some of China’s most influential leaders, including the current and former Presidents, Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao; the former Chairman of the National People’s Congress, Wu Bangguo; the former Premier Zhu Rongji; and the former Vice Premier Huang Ju.


Our advisory board consists of Prime Ministers, former-Presidents, Nobel Laureates, and leading executives across the private and public sector.

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