Schwarzman Scholars Celebrates Graduation of the Sixth Cohort

June 26, 2022

Beijing, June 26th 2022 – Schwarzman Scholars today celebrated Commencement for its sixth cohort—the Class of 2022. The event was held in a hybrid format, featuring speeches from Ban Ki-Moon, Former Secretary General of the United Nations, and Stephen A. Schwarzman, Founding Trustee of Schwarzman Scholars.  

Sunday’s graduation marks the culmination of a vibrant year at Schwarzman College. The sixth cohort attended 38 classes offered by 52 faculty members from around the world. Half of all Scholars completed group Capstone projects while the other half produced individual Capstones. The Class of 2022 earned Master’s degrees in Global Affairs while developing into a generation of global leaders. Students also competed in sports, organized culinary and musical events to explore the various cultures represented in the sixth cohort. Outside the College, they explored Beijing, went on numerous excursions and site visits, and immersed themselves in their surroundings. 

In his speech to the graduating class, Ban Ki Moon called for these 150 young leaders to face the world’s crises head-on by maintaining a collaborative approach: “Be a global citizen and love your country by serving the world. Global citizens are those who identify themselves not as a member of a nation, but as a member of humanity more largely. They are understanding and tolerant of other peoples and cultures. They work for the protection of our planet and human rights. They collaborate and innovate across borders. They build bridges rather than erect walls.” 

Stephen A. Schwarzman, in his address to the sixth cohort, spoke of the role that the Scholars Alumni Network would play in facilitating growth beyond their time at the College: “The success of Schwarzman Scholars depends upon all of you extending the lessons learned at Schwarzman College—of cultural exchange and understanding—and bringing them to a larger community throughout your lives. As young leaders, you can usher in a better and more peaceful future. With a strong network of Schwarzman Scholars, we can take a path away from confusion and misunderstanding towards one of collaboration and trust.” 

Schwarzman Scholars CEO Amy Stursberg, Dean of Schwarzman College Xue Lan, Executive Director Lara Tiedens, Executive Dean David Pan and student speaker Suraj Bulchand of Singapore also delivered insightful remarks and advice to the graduates and their families. 

Alumni and Schwarzman College faculty and staff congratulated the graduating class and participated in a jianzi toss from Beijing to New York to celebrate the sixth cohort’s achievements. The ceremony concluded with a ceremonial roll call of the graduates, marking their official commencement as Schwarzman Scholars Alumni. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! 

About Schwarzman Scholars 

The vision of Schwarzman Scholars is to build a network of young leaders, and encourage them to explore and understand the economic, political and cultural factors that have contributed to China’s increasing importance as a global power. Through the philanthropy, foresight, and dedication of Blackstone Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman, as well as the generosity of global donors who have been inspired by the potential and importance of this program, Schwarzman Scholars is preparing the next generation of leaders for a complex new world. 

Each year, up to 200 future leaders from the U.S., China and the rest of the world matriculate as Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University in Beijing to pursue a one-year Master’s Degree. Scholars chosen for this highly selective program have demonstrated exemplary leadership qualities and the potential to understand and bridge cultural and political differences. They live in Beijing for a year of intensive study, honing leadership skills through a curriculum designed and taught by leading academics from internationally ranked institutions. Though classes are taught in English, international students are required to study Mandarin. 

Scholars also spend considerable time outside the classroom in cultural immersion – attending lectures, workshops, and discussion groups; being mentored and advised by leaders across sectors; and traveling while developing a better understanding of China. 

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