From the Desk of the Director of Admissions – September 15, 2020

September 15, 2020

Greetings from the Schwarzman Scholars Admissions Team!

We are one week away from our application deadline, and all of us are excited to dive into the selection season. I use the word, “excited” on purpose. Why? Because we genuinely love interacting with the people who apply for Schwarzman Scholars. Our applicants don’t just give us hope as we look to the future. During the selection process we see and talk to the next generations that will be involved in designing what our world looks like for the rest of the 21st century — and moving into the 22nd century. This time of year renews our certainty that tomorrow is in good hands.

How could that not excite us?

What makes a strong application to become a Schwarzman Scholar? The tips are simple, and you’ll likely find them familiar:

  1. The most important word to keep in mind when crafting an application is authenticity. We want to get a clear view of who our applicants are, what makes them animated, what they want to do, how they think they can get there, and why Schwarzman Scholars fits in that vision. Tell us who you are, not what you think we’re looking for. Our Admissions Committee isn’t looking for one thing. We’re looking for unique individuals who can bring something new and interesting to the program. Share your story and your plans with authenticity.
  2. Proofread your work. You don’t want unnecessary mistakes to take away from a clear picture of who you are. Effective communication is important for a leader — show us you understand that with your application.
  3. Check in with the people who are sending your letters of recommendation. You don’t want a lack of recommendations to cause you to have an incomplete application that cannot be sent for review.
  4. Read through the application’s instructions carefully and follow them meticulously.
  5. Enjoy the process. Submitting an application for Schwarzman Scholars is a valuable and important opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation. If taken seriously, you’ll leave this process a better, stronger version of you.

Even a cursory look at the world around us provides many examples of why Steve Schwarzman started this program — why it is more important that ever. Many of the world’s challenges can be defeated by common understanding, teamwork, and communication. We’re excited to read your application. That’s why.

Best Regards,

Cordel Faulk

Director of Global Admissions