From the Desk of the Director of Admissions: Application for Class of 2022-2023 Open Now

May 5, 2021

Greetings from the Schwarzman Scholars Admissions Team. I am pleased to announce that the application for the 2022-2023 class of Schwarzman Scholars officially is open. The entire Schwarzman Scholars community is so very excited to begin the process of interacting with candidates as we move through our outreach and selections seasons during the next few months.  

Why apply to Schwarzman Scholars? Why do it now? We know people have these questions, and we find the answers to be energizing. As the world’s geopolitical focus on China continues to intensify, our Scholars have a front-row seat to the importance that collaboration and mutual understanding play in tackling global challenges. By interacting, learning, and sharing across borders we can create a more peaceful, more prosperous, and more connected globe. Even a cursory glance at a news website will provide ample evidence of why this is needed now more than ever.   

Whether in politics, business, the sciences, or the arts, the Schwarzman Scholars community has opportunities for next-generation, solutions-oriented leaders who are ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Scholars do this by utilizing the understanding of China they gain through an immersive experience at Tsinghua University in Beijing — interacting with leaders, lessons, and peers from around the globe.  

Importantly, the experience doesn’t end with graduation. Even after one earns a degree, there is a lifetime network of scholar-leaders who will be supported and work together across generations, cultures, and borders.  

As you consider applying to be a Schwarzman Scholar, we invite you to learn more about our selection process and unique elements of the Scholar experience by joining our upcoming webinars. Please also reach out to us any time with questions; we are here to help and we thoroughly enjoy working with our applicants.  

I just completed my first year as Director of Global Admissions and could not be more inspired by the diverse set of people, ideas, and experiences represented in the Schwarzman Scholars community. If this past year taught us anything, it is that the world needs Schwarzman Scholars — and more quickly than even we could have predicted.

We on the Admissions Team look forward to the upcoming selection process and hope you will consider applying.  

Cordel Faulk  
Director of Global Admissions   
Schwarzman Scholars