Schwarzman Industry Mentor Talks – October Series

November 20, 2020

To better facilitate virtual engagement among Scholars and industry mentors, the career development team organized a monthly series of virtual discussions where Scholars can engage in small groups with mentors. In the first series, we welcomed: 

  • Anna Zhao, Executive Director of United Family Foundation 
  • Philip Beck, Founder and CEO of Dubeta
  • Yue Zhuge, VP of Hulu Beijing    
  • Thomas Liu, Director of Black Sesame Technologies 

Anna Zhao gave a comprehensive introduction of China’s healthcare system, including the overall structure, insurance plans and the current opportunities and challenges. 

“People want to feel the respect, honor and integrity of what you have done.” Philip Beck, a Schwarzman College Mentor and Australian-born entrepreneur has been living and working in China since 2005, shared his perspective on building your personal brand and the art of influencing others in an intimate conversation with Scholars.  

“Tech provides volatile and exciting careers, into the future. Be open minded and adaptive.” Yue Zhuge, VP of Hulu Beijing shared her insights on building a successful career in tech. 

Dr. Thomas Liu spoke about the transformational business model that Beijing has implemented in preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics.