Schwarzman Scholars Launch Event in Singapore

October 23, 2014

At Monday’s launch event in Singapore to introduce the Schwarzman Scholars global recruitment program to university fellowship offices regionally, Professor Tan Chor Chuan, President of the National University of Singapore, drew on an a Chinese proverb to highlight the far-sighted mission of Schwarzman Scholars. “If you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you are planning for a decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” The guests at the launch, mostly distinguished academics from Singapore’s leading universities, wholeheartedly agreed.


Stephen Schwarzman’s vision for Schwarzman Scholars also takes the long view of investing in the next generation of global leaders. Our world is changing rapidly, and China is a driving force in almost every aspect of that change. Young people who aspire to leadership in business, politics, energy, environmental and urban issues, media, culture and many other fields must understand the role of China in global trends. To obtain this understanding, these future leaders will need more than just a robust academic program and factual knowledge. Each element of the Schwarzman Scholars program, from first-hand experience of China and direct contact with Chinese leaders to deep relationships with a global cohort of their fellow Schwarzman Scholars will serve to create an influential, effective global network of leaders. As the program grows, future decades will see more than 10,000 Schwarzman Scholars leading institutions and businesses around the world, in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Schwarzman Scholars will develop their leadership skills and knowledge of China through a one-year Master’s program at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, where these students will have constant opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom. This education will extend for years afterwards, as global alumni activities and their own ongoing contact with each other will ensure that Schwarzman Scholars continue to learn and grow from their connection to this program.


The first cohort of Schwarzman Scholars will hit the ground running in the summer of 2016. Their journey to build a more peaceful and prosperous world will last a lifetime.