Spotlight on a Scholar: Hugo Wood (2019)

Hugo Wood is a lawyer, social entrepreneur and human development advocate. He serves as Public Policy Advisor and Chief Speechwriter to the Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama and is coordinating the largest debate student tournament in the history of his country. He graduated magna cum laude of Law and Political Science from Santa Maria La Antigua University where he was the founder of the United Youth for Dialogue, the university's current largest student organization. He was also awarded a full scholarship to complete a Master of Laws at Tulane University Law School, where he was elected President of the Postgraduate Student Government. Passionate about education and policy implementation, he was awarded a scholarship by the Panamanian Government to study modern trends of international development at Harvard University's, Kennedy School of Government. Based on the recent diplomatic relations between Panama and China, his ambition is to connect Panama and Latin America with the Asian economic powerhouse and foster human development, inclusion and economic growth. Hugo is 27 years old and from Panama.

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