Webinars and Campus Information Sessions

Schwarzman Scholars is pleased to host the following campus information sessions and webinars. This page will be updated as sessions are scheduled. If you are unable to join us for an information session or scheduled webinar, you can learn more here.

All webinar sessions are open to prospective applicants from any region; we invite you to join the session/s that best fits your schedule.  The region listed indicates where the webinar is hosted from (please note the different time zones).

January 20

University of Oxford International Careers Fair, Blavatnik School of Government – 11:00am

University of Oxford – 3:00pm, Lecture Theatre 2 at Blavatnik School of Government, Register here

January 21

University of Oxford – 1:30pm-5:00pm, Admissions Advising Small Group/Individual Meetings with Dr. Rob Garris Room 2 at University College Oxford (12 Merton Street), Book an appointment here

January 22

University of Cambridge – 3:30pm, Careers Service Seminar Room, Register here

January 23

Imperial College London – 12:30pm, ACEX Building Room 203, Register here

Imperial College London– 2:00pm-3:30pm, Admissions Advising Small Group/Individual Meeting with Dr. Rob Garris at Sherfield Building SALC8, Book an appointment here

London School of Economics and Political Science – 5:30pm, Old Building Room TBD , Register here

January 24

University of British Columbia  – 12:00pm-1:30pm, Lillooet Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Center, Register here

University College London – 5:00pm, 4th floor of Careers Service Seminar Room, Register here

January 25

University of Washington – 12:30pm-1:30pm,  Mary Gates Hall 171. Register here

January 26

University of Washington – 10:00am-12:00pm, Mary Gates Hall 171, Register here

February 9

New York University – 12:00pm, 12 Washington Place. Register here

February 12

Williams College – 12:15pm, Schapiro Hall, Room #309. Register here

February 13
Lehigh University – 4:00pm, University Center (UC) 408. Register here

February 15

Smith College – 12:00pm, Drew Hall, Lazarus Center Workshop Room. Register here

Rutgers University – 12:30pm, Register here

Amherst College – 4:30pm, Webster Hall, Room 217. Register here

February 19

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – 5:15pm, Room No 32, 3rd Floor of VMCC. Register here

February 21

Lady Shri Ram College for Women – 4:30pm, Register here

February 22
Ashoka University – 12:30pm, AC 01 LR 205. Register here

March 6

Rice University – 12:00pm, Humanities Building (HUMA) 117. Register here

Indiana University, Bloomington (IUB) – 5:00PM, Hutton Honors College 111. Register here

March 7

University of Texas at Austin – 4:00pm, Room CLA 0.128. Register here

Purdue University, West Lafayette – 5:30PM, HCRS 1054. Register here

March 8

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – 4:00pm, Noyes Lab, Room 161. Register here

March 12

Trinity College Dublin – 1:00pm, Global Room. Register here

March 13
University of Chicago – 5:30pm, Saieh Economics Building - SFHE 203. Register here

University of California, Davis, (UCD) – 3:00PM, International Center, Conference Room, 2nd Floor. Register here

National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) – 1:00pm, The Hardiman Building, THB-G010 Moore Institute Seminar Room. Register here

March 14
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) – 2:00PM, 9 Durant Hall. Register here

Stanford University – 4:00pm, Assembly Room, 1st Floor of Bechtel International Center. Register here

March 15

University College Cork – 1:00pm, O’ Rahilly Building Room 212. Register here

March 19

University of Michigan – 5:00pm, 1330 Mason Hall DeRoy Seminar Room. Register here

March 21

Spelman College – 4:00pm, The Suites Private Dining Room.

March 22

Emory University – 4:30pm, White Hall 207. Register here 

March 26

University of Toronto – 5:00pm, Cumberland Room (Cumberland House, 33 St George Street). Register here

University of Georgia – 5:30pm, 302 Moore College. Register here

March 27

Georgia Institute of Technology – 3:00pm, Bill Moore Student Success Center: President's Suite A. Register here

April 3

University of Florida – 9:35am, The Hub, International Center, Large Conference Room. Register here

University of Florida – 12:00pm, Room 320, Student Health Care Center. Register here

Tufts University – 12:00PM, Dowling Hall, Millmore Room. Register here

April 4

Northeastern University – 12:00PM, 450 Dodge Hall. Register here

Boston University  – 4:00PM, Rafik B. Hariri Building, Room 322. Register here

Carnigie Mellon University – 4:30pm, Gates Hillman Center (GHC) 4307. Register here

April 5

Wellesley College– 12:30PM, Founders Building, Room 102. Register here

April 11

University of Colorado, Boulder – 12:30PM, Koelbel S233. Register here

University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4:00pm, Union South, TITU. Register here

April 13

Cornell University – 4:45pm, 142 Goldwin Smith Hall. Register here

April 16

University of Southern California (USC) – 2:00PM, Hedco Neurosciences Building (HNB), 100. Register here

April 17

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) – 11:00AM, North Hall, Room 1115. Register here

April 24

Pomona College – 12:00pm, Frank Dining Hall, Frank Blue Room. Register here

The George Washington University – 4:00pm, Marvin Center 538. Register here

April 25
Georgetown University – 12:30pm-, White Gravenor 208. Register here

April 30

University of Virginia – 4:00pm, Rotunda Multipurpose Room (121). Register here

Princeton University – 4:30pm

May 18

Dartmouth College – 3:30pm, Carson Hall L01. Register here

May 23

University of Warwick –12:00PM,  Oculus Building, Room OC01.08. Register here