Core Curriculum

Leadership in Public Organizations

Increasingly, public leaders operate in a VUCA world – characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The VUCA world offers many challenges but at the same time unlimited opportunities for innovative, effective, and citizen-centric service delivery. If public leaders manage to leverage the strengths, expertise, and added (financial) value offered by these stakeholders, while overcoming various collaborative challenges, they are able to produce more ‘public value’ at less cost. This course provides you with strategies, tools, and action perspectives to turn challenges into opportunities. The key teaching text is the instructor’s latest textbook The 21st Century Public Manager, which is used in leadership development and reform programs across the globe. Case studies and class discussions ensure continuous linkage between recent research evidence and the tough everyday life of public leaders aspiring to create public value. Most importantly, your own experiences and examples will ensure general examples and evidence will feed back into your own professional world, and vice versa. We will contrast and compare practices from various jurisdictions, with a particular focus on Asia and China.