Core Curriculum

Leadership in Business

This course will help you explore the rich and varied issues associated with leadership in a business context. We will focus on the process of leadership.  It concentrates on how we can influence, inspire and develop others to accomplish often difficult and significant outcomes.  The course draws from and seeks to integrate much of the literature from organizations, leadership, and human development to provide you a more complete understanding of the theory and practice of leadership

Leadership has always been critical to business success, but it has recently acquired new significance.  Leadership becomes even more important during periods of uncertainty and disruptive change; conditions that increasingly confront our business organizations and leaders. Additionally, as the corporate world focuses on developing agile and adaptive leaders, this increases the complexity and difficulty of the process of leader development.

Leadership in Business encourages you to reflect on recent leadership experiences in your past roles and organizations, asking where your leadership was most effective and how it can be further developed.  It will be critical that you reflect on your own development in recent years and what steps you can take to experiment with new approaches as you transition to more senior levels of leadership.  It will be helpful to bring prior observations and experiences into the course, and to carry course concepts with you to your current role or next leadership position.