Data, Computing and the Human Future

This course introduces the history and development of computer science, basic computing concepts, theories and practices of computational thinking, frontier research and technology which empower digital transformation in vertical industries, and their influence on human society and future. It is more suitable for non-computer science major students. There will be tasks that need to be done by collaborative groups of 4~5 students from different majors.

The course aims to help students improve their computational thinking ability with a growth mindset and find a new point of view for their own major. They will have a deep understanding of what computing is, how computing works in every aspect of modern society, why it is so important and irreplaceable, and how to face the fast-growing technologies squarely and fully leverage it to serve the human race.

All the lecturers are from Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)’s leader team, who have rich experience in both scientific research and industry development. The students will also have chance to join academic events of MSRA, to feel the spirit of innovation and learn more cutting-edge research achievements.