Zahra Baitie (2018)


Yale University

Public/Social Policy

Zahra Baitie was born in the United Kingdom, brought up in Ghana, rooted in her Arab Heritage, and educated in Ghana, the United States, and China. She considers herself a globally minded citizen with a pan-African spirit. She studied Global Affairs at Yale University with a focus on East Asia and African Studies and is passionate about the development of emerging countries. Most recently, she worked as a Consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors where she worked on agricultural transformation, youth employment, investment facilitation and public policy strategies for emerging countries. Determined to catalyze transformative growth on the African continent and fluent in Mandarin, she hopes to positively shape Sino-Africa affairs and hopes the Schwarzman Scholars Program can help her further realize her career aspirations. Zahra is 26 years old and from Ghana.


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