Servet Bayimli (2017)

United States of America

Amherst College


Servet’s interests in innovation, food & beverage, and entrepreneurship have led him down multiple paths following his graduation from Schwarzman Scholars. He is a Global Management Trainee at AB InBev’s ZX Ventures Group, a global incubator and venture capital team focused on disrupting the food & beverage space. There, he’s working on category development and new-to-world innovations - even launching his own brand! Additionally, he’s Director of Admission for the Latin American Leadership Academy, a non-profit cultivating the next generation of Latin American leaders and an Echoing Green partner. Servet loves building and developing young organizations and can geek out hard about food, fermentation, and travel. Reach out to him anytime! Servet is 24 years old and from the United States of America and Turkey.


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