Lin WANG (2019)


Shanghai International Studies University

Business,Economics/Economic Policy

Lin WANG is a journalist reporting on China’s foreign policy and overseas investments in China Business News (aka. Yicai). She is also a research fellow of CBN Research Institute. She has reported on dozens of political and economic events including G20 Hangzhou Summit, the Belt and Road Summit, and many bilateral state visits. She's also conducted field research in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uganda, Cameroon, South Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Singapore. She has authored a book Wang Lin’s Top Interviews with Global Leaders on Belt and Road (May, 2017, the Commercial Press). As a Schwarzman Scholar, she aspirers to be a professional leader impacting China’s overseas investments through policy advisory and academic research. She holds a Bachelor of Law in International Relations from Shanghai International Studies University. Lin is 28 years old and from China.


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