Lijunren ZHONG (2019)


Fudan University

Business,Economics/Economic Policy

Lijunren ZHONG graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai. He is the founder and leader of an NGO called FutureChina. He is dedicated to promoting balanced development of educational resources in China in order to expose students in remote areas to quality educational services, information and opportunities. To achieve that, he sent thousands of experience-sharing manuals to students for free, published a charity book called Here We Set Off as editor-in-chief, organized a charity winter camp and attracted social capital to invest his NGO to build an online charity class. He also expressed his idea of balancing educational resources to the world when he served as representative of the United Nations Economical and Social Council and drafter of 2017 APEC Youth Declaration. As a Schwarzman Scholar, Lijunren expects to build friendship, cooperation and mutual trust with youth from all over the world to face up to future challenges. Lijunren is 21 years old from China.


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