Juan Sebastián Muñoz (2019)


Middlebury College


Juan Sebastián Muñoz studied at UWC of the Atlantic in Wales and graduated from Middlebury College where he majored in Economics and Philosophy. Upon graduation, Juan returned to Colombia with a commitment to create a social and economic impact in his home country. He worked for Bogota’s Deputy Secretary of Education as a Finance Advisor, where he supervised a budget of USD$ 500 million in educational programs. Sebastián then moved to Medellin to lead the business initiatives of Caltek, a subsidiary of one of LATAM´s largest conglomerates. He is also co-founder of Mentors4u Colombia, a mentorship program that connects talented college students from underprivileged backgrounds, with successful professionals. Sebastián is interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, business and education as catalyzers for social change. Sebastián is 27 years old and from Colombia.


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