Jingxuan SU (2019)


Tsinghua University

Business,Economics/Economic Policy

Jingxuan SU is a postgraduate student in Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University, where he also received his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering in 2016. As a reserve officer for PLA, he chose Satellite Navigation as the field on which his research focuses. He's determined to devote himself to the modernization of Chinese Military. Jingxuan served as the Captain of Tsinghua Reserve Officers in his senior year as an undergraduate student, leading over 450 reserve officers. Currently, Jingxuan is a counselor at Tsinghua University, working at the management of students in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Reserve Officers. Jingxuan is also an expert host who has participated in many soirees. He’d like to become a liaison between Chinese and International Militaries through the communication with outstanding peers in Schwarzman College, especially those with military identity. Jingxuan is 21 years old and from China.


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