Guanhua Feng (2020)


Georgia Institute of Technology,Tongji University

Business,Economics/Economic Policy

Guanhua (Roger) Feng is the Founding and Managing Partner of Sky Spring Capital in Beijing. His funds focus on HKEX IPO investments, convertible bond and cross-border merger and acquisition investments. Roger was born in the Shandong Province of China. Completing his degrees from both China and the U.S., he has absorbed mixed cultures and cultivated interdisciplinary knowledge of science, engineering, and finance. He has broad interest in social activities and sports, especially tennis and soccer. Roger started his career as a private equity analyst in CDH Investments, where he made important contributions to several transactions. Then he was invited to lead the mergers and acquisitions division in New Hope Group and had successfully closed several cross-border acquisitions and greenfield investments. Roger's current business has already supported almost 20 companies listed in HKEX and created outstanding returns for investors. Roger is 27 years old and from China.


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