Claire Colberg (2019)

United States of America

Stanford University

Foreign Policy,Technology

Claire Colberg graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in International Relations and Honors in International Security Studies. Claire began her career as a Business Analyst in McKinsey's Washington D.C. office, where she focused on helping defense companies and government agencies adapt their products, strategies, and organizational structures in the face of digital disruption. Next, she served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to McKinsey's Global Managing Partner, a role which took her to over 25 countries in the past year. Claire is currently a junior project manager in McKinsey's San Francisco office. Outside of work, Claire is a Board member of the Mongolian Young Scholars Program (MYSP), a program for high-achieving Mongolian high school students that sparked her passion for Mongolia and the countries along the former Silk Road. While at Stanford, Claire spent 6 months living in Beijing and studying Mandarin, and is excited about returning to Beijing to continue her studies on China. Claire is 25 years old and from the United States.  


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