Che Huang (2020)


New York University

Arts and Culture,Communications

Che (Sophie) Huang will graduate from New York University (NYU) in 2019, majoring in Hotel and Tourism Management with a concentration in Event Management and a minor in Web Programming and Application. Her interest in finding solutions to bridge cultures, especially between China and the rest of the world, leads to her focus in event management. She sees events as a shared experience among attendees and a tool to provide common topics to start conversations among people from different cultures and backgrounds. She is the current president of the NYU Chinese Students and Scholars Association and a Resident Assistant in one of the NYU Residence Halls. These positions and the diverse students she works with provide growth in understanding of both Chinese and Western cultures. As a Scholar, Sophie is looking to learn from her fellow scholars and continuously find solutions in connecting people and cultures. Sophie is 22 years old and from Shenzhen, China.


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