Aishwarya Gupta (2020)


University of Delhi

Health/Healthcare,Law,Public/Social Policy

Aishwarya Gupta graduated in 2016 with an Honors Degree in Political Science. She is currently pursuing her L.L.B. from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, where she established the first Mental Health Cell to provide a support system to post-graduate students. She is determined to bring legislative and policy changes on subjects of gender, mental health, rights of the LGBTIQ+ communities, and other minority rights. A trained Para Legal Volunteer, Aishwarya is also an avid writer and currently reviews books for the Hindustan Times. At 18, she was the youngest person to be a part of Tehelka, a national investigative journalism magazine, earning over fifty published works. Aishwarya is 23 years old and from India.


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