Abdijabar Mohamed (2020)


Middlebury College


Abdijabar (Abbi) Mohamed will graduate from Middlebury College in February 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. At Middlebury, he was a Social Entrepreneurship fellow, played rugby, and launched a peace-building/coding literacy program in Kenya. He interned with Morgan Stanley’s NYC office as a Summer Technology Analyst, studied abroad at Mauritius’s African Leadership University (ALU) and Oxford University, independently studied Algorithms at Harvard’s John A. Paulson SEAS, studied as a pre-MBA candidate at Tuck School of Business and developed Artificial Intelligence algorithms for satellite-images classification. He is a keen follower of the deepening Sino-Horn of Africa relations in its various manifestations. As a native Horn of African, he aspires to develop bridges for collaboration conflict prevention and resolution between China and the Horn of Africa. Abdi is a 24 years old Kenyan-Somali.


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