Leadership Training

Multi-dimensional leadership training

Leadership development is woven throughout the Schwarzman Scholars program, both in its academics and in the student experience. To provide a foundation for the exposure students will receive from mentors and internships, the program offers a course focused specifically on leadership training.

In an environment that emphasizes interaction and collaboration, students will learn to cultivate broader perspectives, a key characteristic of successful leaders. All classes and activities will be designed for students to learn from each other, and to understand and appreciate their different backgrounds, views and strategies for confronting challenges.

Additionally, specific classes will teach the fundamental aspects of managing and leading people, including:

  • Group behavior and performance
  • Managing people one-on-one
  • Leading, motivating and aligning people toward a common vision

Coursework will feature case studies from multiple professional and cultural settings, with an emphasis on developing well-aligned, high-performing organizations and the challenges of leading change. Students will also receive training for the choices involved in managing a career, especially in its early stages.

The course is being co-designed by faculty from both Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University.

Scholars will also participate in a series of leadership workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops are a valuable complement to the didactic and practical training components of the unique Schwarzman Scholars curriculum. Through its partnership with The Rhodes Trust, the program is designing innovative, multi-disciplinary workshops and symposia aimed at enhancing the leadership potential of Schwarzman Scholars and it’s alumni network.



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