Leadership Training

Leadership development is woven throughout the Schwarzman Scholars program, both in its academics and in the student experience. The program offers a choice of courses focused specifically on leadership training.

Scholars will choose between several leadership courses, which have been designed to analyze leadership from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives and different career perspectives (public, private, and non-profit). The courses are taught by faculty from both Tsinghua University and leading international universities. Scholars will also select from a series of “Leading in Practice” courses, which will be taught by leaders from diverse professions.

Scholars will also participate in a few additional leadership workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops are a valuable complement to the classroom and practical training components of the unique Schwarzman Scholars curriculum. In addition to skills building workshops, through its partnership with The Rhodes Trust, the program provides an Orientation workshop that is innovative and multi-disciplinary aimed at enhancing the leadership skills of Schwarzman Scholars and its alumni network.

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