Core Curriculum

Leading in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

SOEs are quite popular in China. However, not many people around the world, including those in China, really understand the roles and functions of the SOEs, especially in relation with how SOES work with the governments of different levels, as well as how the SOEs fit into the broader socialism system. What kind of decision-making processes are adopted by SOEs? How do SOEs build their cutting-edge competitiveness in the global market? How is corporate governance applied in the corporate management system? How does one lead such an organization? This course is designed and focused on answering these questions. The instructor, with his personal experience in leading CNOOC and SINOPEC, will also present real cases of success and failure, which are showcases of the difficulties and challenges facing SOEs. Opening-up and reform are the dominant drivers for China’s economic growth in the last 40+ years, and the same is true for SOEs. There are cases illustrating the difficulties and complexities of reform by SOEs over the past decades, which successfully drive SOEs going forward. The course will also illustrate how corporate strategy, social responsibility, as well as corporate governance are being developed and adopted in building up the sustainability of SOEs.