Designing the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, i.e., 4IR, is around the corner. It is characterized by the fusion of many technology domains and industries, and primarily driven by advances in artificial intelligence with exponentially growing computing power and digital data, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics. The 4IR presents profound and complex impact on human society. The course will guide students to analyze and understand the cutting-edge developments and future trends of the 4IR by employing established theories and models of industry-technology co-evolution, and further apply design thinking to identifying the challenges and opportunities and to come up with innovative designs of policies, social-economic mechanisms, protocols, organizations, business models, products, systems, or services to shape the future of the 4IR. In addition to a systematic and deep understanding of the 4IR, students will also learn general theories and models for analyzing industries and technologies and the design thinking methodology for human-centered innovation. We anticipate that some of the student design innovations from their course projects can be implemented in real-world practices and achieve societal impact in the future.