Support for Schwarzman Scholars


Nicolas Sarkozy

Former President of the French Republic

“Today’s world is marked by extraordinary changes in the balance of economic and geopolitical powers. China is a compelling example: its weight in the world economy more than doubled between 2000 to 2010, overtaking Japan as  the world’s second largest economy. Schwarzman Scholars is a visionary program that prepares future  leaders to act, and interact, in today’s economic and geopolitical rapidly evolving landscape.”


Kevin Rudd

Former Prime Minister of Australia

“The beginning of wisdom in international political and economic relations is to understand how the same reality can be perceived differently by different peoples. In this 21st century of rapid globalization, including the rise of China as a great power, this wisdom is arguably more important than at any other time in history. Schwarzman Scholars aims to respond to this challenge by bridging this gap for the next generation of global leaders, enhancing international understanding, and helping build a new culture of global collaboration.”


Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

“Schwarzman Scholars will prepare future leaders to interact in a constructive and collaborative way - learning to balance healthy competition with being able to forge lasting partnerships.”


Brian Mulroney

Former Prime Minister of Canada

“This prestigious program will attract talented individuals with the vision to see that they must understand where the world is moving. It offers an unrivaled opportunity for future leaders to spend a year gaining first-hand exposure to China. Through travel to all corners of the country, access to China’s leadership, exposure to the culture and way of life, and the lifetime bonds they will forge with their peers, Schwarzman Scholars will be poised to make their mark in the decades to come.”


Ambassador Gary Locke

U.S. Ambassador to China

“The Schwarzman Scholars program will help the United States and China strengthen ties in all aspects of our bilateral relationship by deepening mutual understanding between both countries, and by creating the interpersonal connections from which a shared vision of future engagement and cooperation can emerge.”


Condoleezza Rice

66th United States Secretary of State

“The rise of China presents both opportunities  and challenges. The future of our countries is intertwined both economically and politically. There is no better way than through the development of the next generation of leaders to ensure mutual respect and understanding going forward. That is the critical mission of the Schwarzman Scholars.”


Colin Powell

65th United States Secretary of State

“China's extraordinary economic progress has already transformed Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese influence and power. Looking to the future, it is critical that the Western world deepen its understanding of China – and not just of China’s economy and politics, but also its history, culture and social forces. By expanding what future leaders know of China, Schwarzman Scholars can help forge a new era of geopolitical stability and competitiveness.”


Henry “Hank” Paulson

74th United States Secretary of the Treasury

“A solid education and firsthand knowledge provide the foundation to create a generation of globally aware leaders. The Schwarzman Scholars provide American youth the opportunity to experience and understand China, which will benefit the long term bilateral relationship between the United States and China as these scholars develop into future business and government leaders.”


Robert “Bob” Rubin

70th United States Secretary of the Treasury, Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations

“The rise of China presents significant opportunities and issues for the U.S. and other nations. By providing outstanding young students from around the world with greater knowledge of China’s economic, political and social dynamics and motivations, Schwarzman Scholars will better prepare them to engage constructively with those challenges. This program is well timed and carefully designed for the transforming global economy and geopolitics of the 21st Century.”


Henry Kissinger

56th United States Secretary of State

“The rise of China is one of the central challenges of our time and as global citizens, we need to forge a deeper understanding between the U.S. and China, and diminish cultural biases to mitigate possible tensions and create opportunities for both countries. Close relationships, cultural understanding and open communication are required to sustain a peaceful world and to avoid conflict. Our hope is that, based on the knowledge, relationships and perspectives gained through this pivotal experience, Schwarzman Scholars will one day help shape the future of international discourse and interaction."


Christine Lagarde

11th Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

“Understanding China and its unique role in the global economy is essential to maintain global stability. As China continues its remarkable success story, its economic leadership will be an important presence in our ever evolving world. An appreciation for China’s economy, culture, and experiences is both useful and necessary—not just to understand China, or Asia, but the world as a whole.”


Sir James Wolfensohn

9th President of the World Bank Group

“The Schwarzman Scholars program comes at the right time. In this cycle when China becomes the most significant economic power in the world, a program that brings about better understanding of the region is very worthwhile. It is an important and necessary initiative.”


Richard N. Haas

President of the Council on Foreign Relations

“The 21st century will in no small part be defined by how and how well the United States and China manage their bilateral relations and the extent to which they and the other major powers in Asia and beyond can work together to meet regional and global challenges. Prospects for cooperation are likely to improve if future leaders from around the world come to know one another along with both China and its people. Schwarzman Scholars is thus a welcome initiative with the potential to advance understanding among young men and women destined for future positions of responsibility, influence, and leadership.”


Richard Levin

President of Yale University

“The U.S.-China relationship has never been more important, which makes this program much needed and timely. Schwarzman Scholars is more than simply an academic exchange. It will promote mutual respect and deeper understanding between cultures, allowing those involved to engage constructively when they enter the world stage. This is a  scholarship program specifically designed to address challenges of modern times.”


Richard Brodhead

President of Duke University

“Education is the most critical bridge we can build across cultural divides. Students from around the world would be wise to consider a year of study in China, particularly when paired with the access and exposure that Schwarzman Scholars provides. Understanding China will be an increasingly valuable asset in future years. My congratulations to Steve Schwarzman and Tsinghua University for this bold new partnership.”


Dr. John Hood

Chair of the Rhodes Trustees

“The Schwarzman Scholars Program is visionary, timely and sure to capture the competitive enthusiasm of those who are among the most outstanding international and Chinese graduate students, in the same way as the world's great Scholarship programs have done during the past century.”


John Thornton

Chairman of Brookings Institution, Professor and Director of Global Leadership at Tsinghua University

“Genuine understanding based on sustained relationships between the future leaders of China and other major nations is a precondition for the realization of the peaceful and prosperous century we seek. The establishment of the Schwarzman Scholars is a milestone in the effort to build the bridges that will make such connections and the resulting collaboration for the common good possible.”


Yo-Yo Ma

American Cellist

“One thing I've learned in music is that we must work toward something bigger than ourselves. The mission of the Schwarzman Scholars program embodies that same principle. Today, we live in a world of over seven billion people, living in over 200 countries and speaking over 6,000 languages. Working at the intersection of politics, economics and culture, the Schwarzman Scholars will do the crucial work of giving the tools to develop world views that not only encompass the needs of our planet’s seven billion, but are also rooted in local neighborhoods. The Schwarzman Scholars program is a testament to Stephen Schwarzman’s visionary understanding of what our world needs and his willingness to put resources into making the essential a reality.”


Iain Conn

Managing Director of BP

“BP is honored to be supporting the Schwarzman Scholars Program, and in doing so deepening our commitment to China's future through the advancement of education and international relationships. Together we hope to build a unique platform for future leaders to gain real-life global experiences and have interaction with political, business and thought leaders, with the vision of fostering greater understanding and more meaningful dialogue between China and the world. Through our involvement,  BP will assist in advising the School, support 14 BP Fellows each year as part of the program, and engage with successive cadres of Scholars. Through our involvement, BP will assist in advising the School, support for 14 BP Fellows each year as part of the program, and engaging with successive cadres of Scholars.”

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