Zhongyuan Zeng (2020)


Emory University,University of Pennsylvania

Economics/Economic Policy,Public/Social Policy

Zhongyuan Zeng will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 with a Master’s degree in City Planning. Previously, she studied at Emory University with a triple major in Political Science, Marketing, and International Business. Her background in social science and business converged in her experiences serving underprivileged groups including migrant workers, homeless populations, and female inmates. She has also interned in a Village Committee in Beijing and conducted research on urban village renewal schemes. At Penn, she founded Urban China Collective, a global network of scholars and professionals exploring more inclusive, sustainable urban governance strategies. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she aspires to study public policies germane to urbanization and social inclusion in a global context. Zhongyuan is 24 years old and from Beijing, China.


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