Zezhou CAI (2019)


Georgetown University,Tsinghua University

Business,Foreign Policy

Zezhou CAI graduated from Tsinghua University School of Law as valedictorian at the 2016 university-wide commencement ceremony. She is now a master's student in public policy at Georgetown University, as a Fulbright Fellowship grantee. Her policy interest is in poverty and the political economy of developing countries. During university, Zezhou conducted three large-scale fieldwork research projects across five provinces in China, focusing on rural development and urbanization. At Georgetown, she interned at the World Resources Institute for its flagship report on services enjoyed by the underserved population in cities of the global south. Zezhou also holds several leadership positions, such as the President of the Student Government of Tsinghua University School of Law and the Senior Online Editor of the Georgetown Public Policy Review. At Schwarzman, Zezhou wants to learn more about China’s development policy and see how it communicates with the rest of the world. Zezhou is 23 years old and from China.


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