Zequn Zhao (2020)


Sun Yat-Sen University

Economics/Economic Policy,Energy

Zequn Zhao graduated in 2018 from Sun Yat-Sen University with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Meteorology, focusing on pollution control and environmental regulation mechanisms. In 2017, he was named Outstanding Student Leader in Guangdong. Zequn previously served as the Executive President of the All-China Students’ Federation, President of the Guangdong Provincial Students’ Federation, as well as President of the Students' Union of Sun Yat-Sen University. In his position, he worked for the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and served as the Director of the Academic and Technology Innovation Committee, which gave him a strong interest in public/economic policy. Currently, he is a member of standing committee of Guangdong Youth Federation, and is in charge of public service. Through the Schwarzman Scholars program, Zequn hopes to obtain an advanced global perspective in solving Chinese issues and enhance his internationalized vision. Zequn is 24 years old and from China.


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