Weixun Hu (2020)


Tianjin Normal University,University College London

Economics/Economic Policy,Foreign Policy

Weixun Hu graduated with dual Master’s degrees from University College London and Jagiellonian University in Krakow in Economics and European Studies. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Tianjin Normal University. He has taught in rural Tanzania and was selected as an English broadcaster for the 6th East Asian Games in Tianjin. He was a Robert Schuman Trainee at the European Union in Brussels and an economic affairs intern at United Nations Headquarters. He works at the Office of Chief Statistician of UN FAO in Rome. Weixun’s passion for and understanding of economic and social transition in newly-acceded EU member states has evolved through his work in Europe and encouraged his comparative research on China and Eastern Europe's economic and development policies. Weixun aspires to share China’s economic success with other transitional economies, whilst exploring what China can learn from the experience of other emerging markets. Weixun is 26 years old and from China.


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