Ross Jaggers (2019)

United Kingdom

University of Warwick,University of York

Government,Public/Social Policy

Ross Jaggers will graduate from the University of Warwick with a Doctorate in Chemistry (PhD) in 2017, following a Masters in Chemistry at the University of York where he spent a year working at the Dutch life sciences company DSM. He is a strong believer of open and accessible science, working to share his work with academics, industry and the public, alike. During his scientific career, Ross conducted research into the design of new functional materials of the future. In addition to his research, he is a passionate advocate of equality and diversity in the workplace and the scientific community. Ross' long term goal is to change public perception of scientific research and expertise. He plans to do this by shaping public policy and by bringing more scientists to the forefront of politics. He is currently working at the Royal Society, London, in the Industry Engagement team. Ross is 26 years old and from the United Kingdom.


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