Lidiia Zhgyr (2019)


Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University

Education,Public/Social Policy

Lidiia Zhgyr is a graduate of Kyiv National Economic University with a masters in International Economics, where her interests were focused on marketing of non-governmental organizations. She is a European Youth Parliament Alumna and took a term as a Board Member of its Ukrainian branch in 2014. As Vice President of the organization, she initiated a new format of anti-corruption conferences to support active youth in the aftermath of the Euromaidan Revolution. At the same time she served as a paramedic at the Revolution and organized voluntary support to the military hospitals during the conflict in the East of Ukraine. Currently Lidiia is a Project Manager at Kyiv School of Economics running a number of educational programs in Procurement Management as an element of Public Procurement Reform in Ukraine. During her time at Tsinghua University, she will focus on the adaptation of successful education models to the ongoing Ukrainian education reform. Lidiia is 25 years old and from Ukraine.


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