Ho Wing Yu (2021)

Hong Kong SAR, China

Chinese University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,University of Hong Kong,University of Oxford

Foreign Policy,Government,Public/Social Policy

Ho Wing (Lawrence) Yu is completing a D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology from Christ Church, Oxford and heading a cross-cultural mental health research project funded by Wellcome Trust. After being officially titled “Hong Kong Scholar,” he received the “Global Study Award” by the British Council. Lawrence also co-founded “Future City Summit” to foster public-private partnerships for young institutional leaders mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. As a local and international public affairs enthusiast, he was elected the founding President of Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme Scholars Association. Lawrence aspires to become a future leader in developing human-centric, evidence-based public policies by understanding contemporary China’s policy development. Lawrence is from Hong Kong SAR, China.


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