Enoch WONG (2019)

Hong Kong SAR, China

University of Warwick


Yi Lok Enoch WONG studied in the UK for 10 years, and has worked in 7 countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. He was a Swire Scholar and graduated from the University of Warwick with BSc. MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics). After a brief tenure at McKinsey’s London office and then working at the world’s largest youth leadership non-for-profit and world’s largest private education company as their Head of B2B Marketing for Asia and coordinating academic research with Harvard, Cambridge and Peking University, he continued to pursue his passion and co-founded 3 educational start-ups. As a result, he was selected to represent China at the UN Youth Forum, and as a Global Shaper and the Advisory Council Steering Committee by the World Economic Forum (Davos). He is also a mentor and a guest lecturer across over 30 countries on the topics of design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. Enoch is 28 years old and from Hong Kong.


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