Chun Po Chiu CHOY (2019)

Hong Kong SAR, China

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Business,Economics/Economic Policy

Chun Po Chiu CHOY is a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong business school, double majored in International Business Management and Marketing. In 2014 after graduation, she founded her wellness company. Aspired to revolutionize the baby and maternity industry, she launched two brands, SPAWAWA (Baby Spa) and SPAMAMA (Mother Spa), bringing new concepts and products to Hong Kong and Macau. Her goal is to expand her business internationally and to become a leader in the domain of maternity healthcare. She is also a founding member of the CUHK Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship. As a Schwarzman Scholar, she hopes to see how Hong Kong startup could further explore the market opportunity in China and to leverage the Chinese capital market for growth acceleration. Chun Po Chiu is 26 years old and from Hong Kong.


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