Aly Madhavji (2018)


INSEAD,University of Toronto


Aly Madhavji is the Founder & CEO of Global DCX, an innovative technology company launching digital currency exchanges across emerging markets. Aly holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto. He is an internationally acclaimed author, publishing three books as part of the Succeed Series. Aly continues to energize and develop tens of thousands of generation Z and millennials through motivational speaking and mentoring globally. Aly served as a Governor of the University of Toronto where he was a member of the Executive Committee and Academic Board of the institution. He’s been featured in The Medium and The Varsity newspapers, the Ismaili Magazine, Mississauga Magazine, and University of Toronto Press. He has lived and worked across 4 continents with PwC, PayPal, and INSEAD. Aly is 26 years old and from Canada.


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