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All Schwarzman Scholars share a core curriculum that serves as an anchor for the rest of their studies and builds connections among them as a cohort. Schwarzman Scholars will complete much of the core curriculum together early in the program, in the summer and fall of their year in Beijing. "Global Affairs" and "Forty Years of China’s Political, Economic and Social Reform" are compulsory for all students. In addition, students are required to take 4 credits from the “Leadership” course cluster, with at most two courses from the 1-credit “Leadership in Practice” (“Leading in…”) series. Core courses include:

Global Affairs

Forty Years of China's Political, Economic, and Social Reform

Leadership in Business

Leaders and Leadership in History

Leadership in Practice: Leading in Higher Education

Leadership in Practice: Leading a Civil Society Organization - Delivering Social Value

Leadership in Practice: Leading in International Organizations (UN)

Leadership in Diplomacy and Security

Leadership in Practice: Leading the Social Innovation in China

Leadership in Practice: Leading in Humanitarian Crises - War, Disasters, and Disease

Leading in Public Crises and Emergencies

Leadership in Practice: Leading and Managing Not-for-Profit Organizations

Leadership in Public Organizations

2020-2021 Elective Courses

Cutting Edge in Computing: Data, Computing, and Human Future

Business Sustainability Leadership in China & Globally

Basic Legal Issues in Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions

China's Foreign Relations

Theory and Practice of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

Technology Policy in the Developing World

Global Economy and Public Policy

China's International Development Cooperation: Theory, Policy, and Practice

China's Rise in Comparative Perspective

China's Political Culture: Historical & Philosophical Perspectives

Chinese Political Institutions

Clean Energy Transition

Chinese Law and Comparative Law in the Global Context

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Global Media Communications and China: Theories, Practices and Trends

History of Modern China, 1911- 2011: A Century of Transformation

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China

International Business & Development: A Modern Approach

Leading Issues in the Global Economy

Managing Risk: Statistical, Economic, and Cultural Perspectives

Political Economy of Developing Countries

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