Spotlight on a Scholar: Torre Lavelle on her passion for environmental policy

With the year now underway, we are excited to share insights from the Scholars in their own words.

Torre Lavelle is a member of the Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2017 concentrating on Public Policy. Torre is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia majoring in Ecology and Environmental Policy. She has done extensive research with NASA DEVELOP and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute as well as presented at the White House as the Roosevelt Institute’s Senior Fellow for Energy and Environment. An Udall Scholar, Torre is an intern at the United States Department of State with a focus on the links between wildlife trafficking and international security. She plans to do the Public Policy concentration at Schwarzman Scholars and study China’s role in environmental law, particularly within the ivory and rhino horn trade, and pursue a career as a conservation policymaker. Torre is 21 years old and from the United States of America.

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