Spotlight on a Scholar: Jordyn Turner on building a network of Scholars

With the year now underway, we are excited to share insights from the Scholars in their own words.

Jordyn Turner is a member of the Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2017 concentrating on Public Policy. She graduated in 2016 from Dartmouth College where she studied Government and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. She has travelled extensively during her college career, studying Portuguese and Chinese in Brazil and China respectively, as well as volunteering at a non-profit youth education program in South Africa. Her ultimate career goal is to work in international diplomacy, focusing specifically on issues of global poverty and education. Jordyn hopes to take her diverse experiences as a former Division 1 basketball player, a classical pianist of 13 years, and a leader of the Dartmouth Greek system to facilitate the broader conversation of finding common ground amongst people of different backgrounds, and to be an agent for positive change and intercultural relations. Jordyn is 21 years old and is from the United States of America.

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