Spotlight on a Scholar: Jasmin Stadler on the importance of understanding China

With the year now underway, we are excited to share insights from the Scholars in their own words.

Jasmin Stadler is a member of the Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2017 concentrating on Economics and Business. She recently completed her undergraduate studies in politics and economics at the University College London, combined with a year abroad at Sciences Po, Paris. She is fluent in spoken and written Mandarin and spent two semesters at Tsinghua University for language study. Concurrently, she co-founded Ricci Fellows, a vibrant network of Swiss and Chinese young professionals and students pursuing a high level of integration into each other’s societies. In the long term, she wants to find her own entrepreneurial niche at the interface between the Chinese and European cultural and economic spheres. Jasmin is 23 years old and from Switzerland.

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