Counsellor of the State Council; Vice Chairman of You Change China Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Dr. Tang Min is an Economist in training and his research focuses on macroeconomic analysis, social and economic development and education. He graduated from Wuhan University in 1982, and received his PhD in economics at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in 1989. He joined the Development Research Centre at the Asian Development Bank in the same year, taking charge of East Asian Economic Affairs, Regional Economic Cooperation, Asian Debts and Asian Financial Markets. In 2000, he was appointed the chief economist in the Resident Mission of the Asian Development Bank in China.

In 2007, he resigned from ADB and was appointed as the deputy secretary general of the China Development Research Foundation, a part of the Development Research Centre at the State Council. In 2011, he was appointed as Counsellor of the State Council. Among other positions he holds, he is an adjunct professor at Peking University, Wuhan University and Jinan University; the financial advisor to the Beijing Municipal Government; a member of Chinese Economists 50; and a member of Chinese Education 30, the director of the Chambers of Commerce of Overseas Returnees of China. He has also published numerous academic papers on Asian economies and China's financial and educational reform.

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