Theory and Practice of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

In this course, students will learn about a framework of guiding theory and ideology of the Chinese Communist Party since 1978. The lectures will be focused on: the analysis of the interaction between the development of CCP’s theory and the practice of the Reform and Opening, especially on some major historical events, such as the decision of reform and opening in 1976-1978; the failure of the switching from the dual-pricing system to market system in 1988; Deng Xiaoping’s speech during his South China Tour in 1992, the decisions after the 18th National Congress of CCP; and so on. There will also be group discussions based on the course literature, a mid-term paper aimed at teaching how to read and analyze the official text of CCP documents and files, and a final paper aimed at providing an opportunity to communicate with a policy maker who is engaged in the decision-making process or an ordinary Chinese citizen who is experiencing the change of China.

Faculty: He Jianyu, Associate Professor in the School of Marxism, Tsinghua University


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