Public Ethics

Ethics is defined as moral philosophy, the basic question being what is right and what is wrong? This course offers students the chance to think about the ethical dimension in public life and especially in the design and implementation of public policies. With a comparative perspective, the course is designed to help students to better understand public value in modern life and how to handle ethical dilemmas in public affairs in a globalized world.

The course will introduce cases and thought experiments under varying circumstances, leading students to explore underlying ethical principles. Combined with the classical literatures of both the West and of traditional China, students are encouraged to initiate ethical dialogues in the context of their own cultures. The basic aim of this course is to stimulate ethical debate among students and to strengthen their abilities to deal with ethical problems in public life.

Applicable TowardsConcentration
Department Schwarzman Scholars
Credits 2
FacultyProfessor JIA Xijin


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