Public Diplomacy

Public diplomacy refers to the interpersonal interactions and public settings of diplomacy that include media, educational and cultural exchanges, and dialogic communication, to inform, engage and influence the foreign policy process and national interests. Today’s public diplomats are limitless in scope and mission; they include state and non-state actors whose rhetoric and behavior impact a country’s image and global civic dialogue. At its best, public diplomacy and public diplomats can help nations and others better understand how to reduce conflicts and maximize cooperation, but these outcomes are getting harder in a digital media environment that hosts actors working against international cooperation and mutual understanding. This course will give you foundation in this academic field, which is a subfield of political science and international relations. We will also act out the roles of public diplomats--with a regional emphasis on Northeast Asian approaches--to discover what it looks and feels like in practice, all with the purpose of enhancing your global leadership skills as public diplomats. You will develop public presentation and writing skills in preparation for your professional development beyond Schwarzman College.

Faculty: Nancy Snow, Walt Disney Chair in Global Media and Communication, Schwarzman College; Professor Emeritus of Communications, California State University, Fullerton; Pax Mundi Professor of Public Diplomacy, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


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