Leading Issues in International Relations


This course will give students a complete picture of International Relations in the modern world. Divided into three sections, modern changes in International Relations will act as the central theme as students explore topics including major debates, current trends, and China in the world.

Combining lectures with open discussions, the course will cover the theoretical and practical foundation of International Relations and foreign policy from World War I onwards, modern nationalism and the effects of new media, and the context of the American-Chinese relationship.

Students will gain a better understanding of cultural differences and will learn about modern issues by exchanging their global perspectives in a common environment.

Applicable TowardsCore
Department Schwarzman Scholars
Credits 3
FacultyNI Shixiong
Amitav Acharya

Course Structure

This is an eight week course (one module) divided into three topics including:

  1. Major Debates in International Relations Theory
  2. Current Trends and Topics in International Relations and
  3. China in the World

Teaching Style

This course will meet twice a week and combine both lecture and discussion techniques for a deeper understanding of the material. For the first 5 weeks, the professor will deliver a lecture during the first class, and then open the topic for discussion and reaction. In the last 3 weeks of the course, the students will lead discussions in pairs based on assigned readings.



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