International Business and Development Strategies: A Modern Approach

This course provides a review of International Business as an area of theoretical development as well as a field of practice and its impact on Economic Development Strategies. The course is intended to provide students with a broad knowledge of current empirical debates in International Business, International Trade, International Political Economy and Economic Development. The course includes elements of economics, management, public policy, anthropology and sociology theories.
The course is divided into three parts. The first part (contextualization) analyses the implications of the Globalization process for International Business and surveys the theories of International Business. The second part analyses all practical aspects of the International Business environment and its operational structure (Culture, Political, Legal and Monetary among others). The third part investigates the relationship between International Trade and the structural features of Economic Development such as innovation and industrial development.
This course is designed to help students integrate their knowledge from different scientific backgrounds and reflect on the future international direction of the economy, industries, sectors, and firms.

Applicable TowardsConcentration
Department Schwarzman Scholars


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