Global Media and Communication: Theories, Practices and Trends

This course is open to interested students from all majors and concentrations, and adopts an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach to comparative media theories, systems and texts in the sphere of newspaper, magazine, news agency, film, radio, TV, Internet and social media, and related issues of popular culture, social development, international relation, public diplomacy and strategic communication in the post-west, post-order and post-truth era.

Based on a comprehensive perspective of global communication, this course will also address current issues and controversies in the rapidly changing Chinese society and communication environment. Combining political economic and cultural approaches, we will consider a broad range of topics regarding Chinese media and communication, including: the historical emergence and contemporary development of Chinese media system, journalistic reforms, communication technologies and social transformation, global media flows, and the debate over media system and its relationship to broader political-economic changes.


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